Jim and his firm have been a huge help as my attorney for my business. He is readily accessible and has always looked out for my best interests. Highly recommend him.
– Chris

In Your Hunt for an Attorney Please Consider the Following –  as a Client myself with Victory in one of my Cases Mr. VanDettes brought Experience to the table with Honesty, Sound Council & Negotiating Skills that got the matter Settled. I encourage you to consider Mr. VanDette as your lawyer because I have seen Mr. VanDette in Action fighting for Me & getting Results in my Favor resolving the matter & even though each case is unique I recommend Mr. VanDette because of the Hard Work he puts into each case & the RESULTS I have gotten because of his expertise… I Thank Mr. VanDette for the Results he has brought me bringing Closure to the matter.
Respectfully – Kenneth

I can’t say enough about what a topnotch attorney Jim VanDette is. Jim was courteous, honest and knowledgeable about my case. My needs were always put first. Jim was so empathic and treated me like a friend rather than a client. I would highly recommend him!
– Laurie

Over the past 2 1/2 years I’ve endured so much tragedy & Trauma. I was so thankful to have met James V., He helped me with a Car Accident that caused me physical and financial strain. James V. Is such a sweet and Personable person and I am So Grateful God sent Me to Him!
– Sharon

Mr. VanDette always took the time to answer my questions and addressed my concerns. He is a very conscientious person and a top-notch attorney. He explains the procedures, so as a client, I always understood what was happening with my case. In my experience, this isn’t always the case with attorneys. Mr. VanDette is knowledgeable, experienced and a more than proficient attorney. He and his staff treat their clients like real people.
– Thomas

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